Powder Coating

Why use Chemblast Powder Coating?

  • We have the only factory in Western Victoria that the whole job can be completed under one roof (jobs are not exposed to the weather in the preparation stage)
  • We keep a full up to date color range and often we will have deleted colors in stock. For the full range of dulux colours click here or alternatively contact us
  • Most cost efficient and fastest turn around compared with all other forms of protective coating.
  • We house a 7m long batch oven with the ability of at least 6 color changes in any one day.
  • All our powder coating is done by hand spray (using the batch oven) which results in much better coverage of powder on the job as compared with a robot system.
  • Our experienced operators make sure that the powder is applied to all the hard to get to places. (this is the difference between a job that lasts the distance or not, as far as protection goes)
  • A four stage Phosphate Chromate preparation dipping process is used for aluminum extrusion (this involves a series of dipping baths, again the only one of its type in Warrnambool)


Chemblast's 7m Long Batch Oven & The huge 450m2 Powdercoat Room


Recent Chemblast Projects

Protective Guards:

Whether it's for an industrial application or to give your domestic project that professional finish, Chemblast can provide you with a cost-effective powder coating solution.






Chemblast also brings aged materials to new with a combined process of garnet blasting and powdercoating


Powder Coating Process

Powder Coating uses very fine dry particles of resin with the pigment color of your choice. The resin powder is applied with a spray gun similar in concept to applying solvent based paint. The difference is this spray gun and it's resin contents are electrostatically charged.

When the resin powder is sprayed onto a part it sticks to the metal because it's grounded, attracting charged resin powder like a magnet. The job is then placed in the oven and baked at 200 deg C for 10 minutes. It is cured by the time it cools down and can be taken away to be used.



Our powder coating division has been in operation for 15 years and we went into it because the lack of a quality being supplied by the only powdercoater in Warrnambool. Because we had the abrasive blasting division, we were often asked if we could remove a failed powder coated job, this proved to be a costly process for the customer and quite often we would charge less that it would cost us to do. This could not keep happening so we bought a second hand set up off Bundaberg Lace Company in North Queensland. After shipping it to our factory and installing it we then had some very costly telephone calls to Jim at Bundy Lace. These calls weren’t just calls, Jim was teaching us how to powder coat by phone. The division has progressively expanded and now occupies 350m2 of our factory.

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