Floor Coatings

Epoxy & Non Slip Floor Coating


Most factories in the western District have our floor coating protecting there assets. We provide a complete service in this field from roll on coatings right through to a toweled epoxy finishes.

Self Leveling epoxies can also be applied were required. We are often complemented by our clients on the amount of preparation that is carried out before we cover it all up with epoxy.



Custom decorative and non-slip epoxy floors for various applications

We have a range of equipment available including Diamond Grinders (complete with good dust collection) and Electric Jackhammers (with a complete range of hand tools required to get the job done)

Our grinders are the best machines on the market and were purchased in January 05. We have a complete set of stones for both wet & dry Grinding. We are applicators of Retro-plate Flooring Products.

Mobile Truck & Trailer

We have a complete mobile truck & trailer set up to service your requirements. Our mobile grinding trailer has been specially designed to our requirements and it has its own 44 kva generator.


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