Rhino Linings has a solution for all your flooring needs!

Rhino Linings has been providing innovative industrial coating solutions since 1988 and is proud to claim hundreds of industrial, commercial and military customers along with a global retail and industrial dealer network covering over 75 countries, all utilising spray and roll on elastomeric polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid solutions for industrial commercial coating and linings.

Recognised as the global leader in spray on truck bed liners, the Rhino Linings comprehensive product range now includes ArmaFloor™ 500 for garages, patios, decks and more, plus advanced hybrid aliphatic polyureas and epoxies.

Whether the application is for food services, medical care, commercial, industrial or domestic, Rhino offers tough yet decorative products specifically formulated to meet the needs of all these applications with the added benefit of a faster "return to service" than epoxy systems.

ArmaFloor™ 500 provides superior protection for garages, decks and more!

The Rhino ArmaFloor™  product range is cutting edge technology providing significant advantages over traditional epoxys.  Now you can have strength and beauty in just one day.

Superior to traditional epoxy flooring, ArmaFloor™ combines the hard hitting toughness of polyurethane protection with beautiful colour combinations.

ArmaFloor™ applications are quick, clean and can be completed in just one day, the floor is back into service the very next day.

Rhino ArmaFloor™ 500 can be sprayed on in large open areas and also rolled on when smaller, more confined application solutions are required.

Rhino ArmaFloor™ 500 is applied as a clear or pigmented liquid that fills cracks and monolithically coats floors providing seamless, waterproof protection.  Its elongation is more than double that of most epoxies and so is a  better solution on surfaces that tend to expand or contract, such as concrete. Its a complete floor system for demanding situations.

ArmaFloor™ exhibits high abrasion and chemical resistance, light reflectivity, UV light stability and extreme long term durability.

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