Garnet Blast

Our largest blast room is 15 meters long, the blasting media we use is Garnet.

Advantages of a proper Blast Room:

  • Weather constraints are no longer a problem meaning (blasting can occur around the clock and all year and in all conditions if required. The job then can be conveyed internally to one of our 3 dedicated paint rooms without any weather hassles)
  • Controlled environment (assists the blaster to achieve a consistent quality of work)
  • Cleaner Environment (by containing our dust and used air we are maintaining a cleaner environment)
  • Automatic abrasive recycling system . This is incorporated into our blast rooms which reduces waste and cleans the abrasive by separating all dusts, fines, paint flakes and trash from the good reusable abrasive which is then stored ready to be reused. This gives us a major price and time advantage over our competitors since they are charging for additional manual loading of abrasive and hoppers which is charged out as blasting time. Without an automatic abrasive recycling system, all the paint flakes and other waste is blasted back onto your job.

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