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Chemblast Industrial Coatings was founded in Warrnambool approximately thirty-three years ago by current owner Peter McDonough. The business delivers services in abrasive and industrial cleaning and coatings, abrasive blasting, concrete repairs and polishing and ‘Rhino’ coating. In that time, the business has grown in size and reputation to be a market leader in producing quality products, while being committed to innovation and improving efficiencies. The owner’s years of experience in a wide variety of projects in terms of size and type has enabled the business to continually develop its processes and technology.

Vision and Values

Chemblast prides itself on the consistently high quality of its end products, and strives to continually raise its quality standards. This is achieved by:

  • Implementing and refining operation systems,
  • Developing and investing in new technologies, and 
  • Keeping up to date with industry trends.

While quality is the key vision for the business, it also highly values its customers by managing each project efficiently with open communication channels between all involved parties. The large range of products and services also provides customers with more options that will best suit their situation.

Management and Resources

The evolvement of Chemblast Industrial Coatings has been matched by development of the appropriate management and manpower resources. Chemblast has a primary staff of eight (8) employees together with professionally qualified management personnel, and has access to other industry related personnel should the need arise.

Training and Development

Chemblast is committed to the development of all staff members. We have a long-standing relationship with Gippsland TAFE for all staff members to complete on-site and practical training and assessment to obtain the Certificate III in Production Systems. Such training is unique to the industry.

Additionally, all staff members obtain certificates in electrical testing, elevated work platforms, and confined spaces.

Technical Standards

Consistent with our philosophy we believe that there is a great advantage for the clients and project managers to involve Chemblast representatives to assist in the planning phase of the works.

We see particular advantage in our being exposed to technical specifications for the works and practical applications to the projects to the extent that we would be prepared to undertake trials under simulated conditions to reach agreement on procedures and standards that would apply in the field.

Chemblast has substantial experience in the design and operation of Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures.

Most major projects have a requirement for quality management and we have the in-house resources to meet this need.

Our QA/QC procedures manual sets out in the form of a handbook, general and specific parameters for quality control in relation to AS3902. This manual covers the procedures for the application of industrial painting materials as required for this industry.

This handbook was complied to provide the basic document for training toward quality control and is our manual for execution of the quality control programme, as part of the total quality commitment of this company.

The QA/QC Handbook features production, quality control, and health and safety procedures, as well as checklists for the project manager, supervisor, foreman, and the quality control office for final inspection

Safety Management

Chemblast Industrial Coatings is committed to the safety and well being of its work team, and as a result has an operative internal safety programme that has been developed in conjunction with our major clients.

Most major clients operate comprehensive safety programmes and our own programme is compatible with full adherence to client procedures. We recognize that operations demand rigorous adherence to standard procedures and we provide our complete support to this requirement. We are always available to attend safety meetings when required.

Chemblast has also developed a specific work safety handbook for the industrial painting industry, which again ensures that the highest safety requirements are met.

Industrial Relations

Chemblast recognize the necessity of developing and maintaining a high standard of industrial relations on any project site. In our planning we take the following steps to achieve this high standard by:

  1. Nomination of highly experienced and capable management staff for our project team.
  2. Defining levels of authority at sites so as to ensure prompt attention to any issues. Our project manager has full authority to deal with any industrial matters on the spot.
  3. Having office functions such as personnel records and Workcare communication kept in our project office that is linked to our administration office.

Experience In Major Contracts

Most contracts for abrasive blasting and industrial painting work are particularly demanding. We see the terms of reference for this industry as requiring:

  • A high standard of workmanship, supported by technical competence
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Carefully planned methodology
  • Safe working practices
  • Skilled industrial relation management
  • Major resources of plant
  • Financial strength
  • Strong, well-equipped management team both on site and in support

Chemblast Industrial Coatings has the resources, skills and experience to successfully undertake works of varied nature throughout Australia.

Whilst we are not the largest abrasive blasting and industrial painting contractors in Australia, we consider ourselves strong in aspects of contractual competence, technical capability and field performance.

Past experience has been accumulated from a wide variety of clients and major projects. We have attached some pictorial evidence as to the calibre and standard of workmanship as relayed to our past experience.

Our previous customers include the following:

  • Warrnambool Milk Products
  • Austral Dairy Products
  • Warrnambool Cheese and Butter
  • Murray Goulburn
  • Dairy Farmers - Glaxo Smith Kline and Beecham
  • Protein Technologies
  • Santos
  • Boral
  • TXU
  • Western Underground Gas Storage
  • Nestle
  • Bunnings


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